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Entertainment and Activities

Your holiday will be colored by a flow of exciting and different activities at Long Beach. Enjoy fun moments with daytime activities, night shows and live music performances.Immerse into the magical atmosphere of Long Beach.

Daily Activities

You can continue your sports life with pleasure with the daily activities that we prepare for our guests who do not want to give up sports while being on vacation.

Sports Areas

These areas (tennis court, basketball court, beach volleyball, mini football field, mini golf) that we have created so that our guests can continue their physical activities while resting. They will help you to continue your physical activities and keep fit during your holiday.

Water Sports

Choose the most suitable water sports for you from different and fun activities and have an adrenaline-filled experience.

Game Hall

Race and competition come together in the fun world of the game hall. There is everything for our guests who are into technology and digital games. Don't forget to book your place to enjoy bowling with your beloved ones in the game hall.

Theme Park

Our amusement park is the perfect place for families and children of all ages. Our park consists of a wide variety of exciting sections, including a ferris wheel, carousels and bumper cars.


Your children will have unforgettable moments with family events where many different activities are held during a children's festival, which we organize so that children can spend great time with their parents.